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Comedy For Peace

No politics. Just Laughs

​Funny special comedy show, with Muslim and Jewish professional comedians, (and a new version with Christians) that was founded March 18, 2019, in a successful show in New York City and since travelled in the East and West coast, Canada and over zoom. The show contains a rotating line-up of comedians who are bringing different kinds of angles from their life experience in the most unique and hilarious way. The first goal of Comedy for Peace is to show everyone that we can, very easily, collaborate, standing on one stage together, to have fun and to laugh on ourselves and on each other, without any politics involved. Comedy For Peace is an accessible, funny, fun and meaningful show, that brings Interfaith diverse communities together, with the belief that we can make a difference through the art of comedy. Every show of Comedy for Peace ends with a Q&A session, that has became very important part of our show. During the session we talk about the journey we go through and answer the audience's questions on any topic they wish.

Comedy for Peace – we bring hope and help to fight antisemitism!

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“Comedy for Peace does a beautiful job of weaving comedy and
laughter into love, connection and tolerance”.

Shareia N. Carter, Center for Social Justice and Inclusion, University of

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