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What are we doing?

Angel Entertainment offers high level comedy shows to suit all of your needs, at any budget, and for any purpose. This includes corporate events, private events, charity fundraisers, birthday parties, and more. We work with the best comedians in the country, national headliners and rising stars, comedians that you have seen on Comedy Central, Netflix, HBO, ABC, NBC late night, among others. We know how hard and stressful production can be. We understand that you are looking for the perfect solution to your special event, and we want to help make it a success.  We have the experience and the tools to make this happen. Do not hesitate to call us now for a free consultation for your upcoming event.

Who are we?

Angel Entertainment is a New York-based production company that produced until today shows in 24 cities in the Untied states, in addition to shows in Canada and Europe. We are offering a wonderful variety of comedy shows and projects, and working with the best comedians in the country. We have allot of experience and many recommenders who will be happy to tell you about working with us.

Why comedy?

Laughter is good for our health. It releases endorphins, helping to reduce stress and anger, giving us perspective about our lives and ourselves. Through laughter and comedy, we are able to set aside our differences and come together. After all we have been through these last few years, we need togetherness more than ever. Let us create an event that will help to unite your community, making memories that will last far beyond the holiday season.

“Looking forward for the next event, such a great comedy show.
Thank you for spreading the laughter and for anther great production”.
Agnes Abude, private client

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What’s next?

We believe that a successful event starts with the right planning. Call or email us now. We will be happy to hear from you, and to guide you through the process so that we might produce an unforgettable event together.

Dotan Malach

Phone: 929-293-3048


Some of the customers we have worked with:

Colombia University, NYC / Stamford University, CA / University of Southern California / University of Michigan-Dearborn    / New York Jewish federation / Mizel Arts & Culture Centre, Denver / Brooklyn College / The Ohio state university / Harlem JCC / CU Boulder / Orange county JCC / University of California, Davis / Rutgers University, NJ / University of Hartford / University of Hartford / Kendall Theatre, Milwaukee / Temple Beth El, CT / West Side comedy club / Athens, NY culture center / Brownstone / 1803 / Da Capo / Bustan, NYC

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