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Erik Angel

Speaking Falafel

Erik Angel is an Israeli-Jewish-American comedian who moved to New York a few years ago and made his home on the Upper West side. He is a former theatre actor and a singer songwriter who released 3 albums in Hebrew. Angel’s comedy is very surprising, clever, high energy, deals with being a recent immigrant, fortyish, a newlywed, that he's Jewish, and speaks English-Falafel 24/7. In March 2019 he established Comedy for Peace project, an interfaith comedy show, and since then he travelled with his group in the East and West coast and Canada, in addition to Virtual shows and fundraisers over zoom. Erik appears at Carolines on Broadway, The Laugh Factory in L.A., and other significant venues all over the US. He has opened for major headliners including Maz Jobrani, and was part of the Burbank and Turnpike comedy festivals. Erik was seen on CBS news and performed in Israel, Italy, Poland, Tokyo and Moscow. He has more than 2M views on his Tik Tok page. The best way to get the information about his daily shows, is through his Instagram.

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