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In Angel Entertainment we are offering a verity of great Jewish-Israeli comedy shows:


A Hilarious Night of Comedy

1. The Nudniks

The Nudniks is a special Stand-Up comedy show which brings together two generations of Jewish stand-up comedians. One is Steve Marshall – a Brooklyn born American Jew, and the other is Erik Angel, an Israeli Jew and a new immigrant in the US. Marshall and Angel present, together and separately on the stage, an energetic, smart, original, hilarious and unusual comedy night. The dynamic between them creates a unique and extraordinary experience that you don’t want to miss.

The Nudniks is the funniest stand-up comedy show you can wish for yourself. Watch the trailer now and call us for more information.  

2. Jewtopia

A stranger won’t get it

Stand-up comedy is an unseparated part from the Jewish world for many years, and we are celebrating it with a special Jewish comedy night which includes a variety of the best Jewish comedians working today in the US. Our show can be edgy, or completely clean (meaning no insults, bad words etc.) and only one thing is certain - It is always funny to the point of tears. The show can be oorganized in varying line-ups, from two comedians to five, live or over zoom. So be a mensch, and call us now for more details.

Israelis doing comedy in English

Erik Angel hosts an evening with the best Israeli comedians in the US for hilarious night of comedy in English without borders- Jews, Israelis, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Religious, reformed, American culture, and everything in between. Order this wonderful night of Sabras in America today.

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